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Please see the attached Summer Hours.
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Summer Hours
Extra, extra! Read all about it! The latest edition of the Mustang Express for June 2024 is now available! In this edition, you'll find: Upcoming Mora Elementary and Mora High School supply lists for the 2024-25 school year Important back-to-school information Exciting updates and highlights from the wrap-up of the 2023-24 school year And much more Paper copies are available to the public at any Mora Public Schools office. Want to stay updated? Subscribe to our Mustang Express emails by emailing your name and email address to Brilukenbill@moraschools.org. Happy reading! https://simplebooklet.com/mustangexpressjune2024
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Mustang Express
Check out this week's Mora Elementary Newsletter! https://secure.smore.com/n/wru2ay
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The 4th grade celebrated the last day of school with their traditional tie-dyeing of shirts! It was a colorful and fun-filled day!
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Tie Dyeing
Big group hug for the last day of school! Let's cherish these moments and the friendships we've made. See you all next year!
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Sunshine, smiles, and endless adventures! Our 6th graders had a blast at the park today. From fishing to exploring and everything in between, it was a day filled with laughter and fun. Here's to making memories under the sun!
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6th Grade
6th Grade 2
6th Grade 3
6th Grade 4
6th Grade 5
6th Grade 6
Lights, camera, action! Our kindergartners had a blast today at the movie theater for a special Fun Run reward trip! Thank you to everyone who supported our Fun Run - your contributions made this unforgettable experience possible! #FunRunFunds
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Movie 2
Today was a bittersweet moment at Mora Elementary as we bid farewell to our amazing graduating seniors! They took one final walk through the halls, greeted by high fives and big cheers from our younger learners. Sending our best wishes and endless encouragement as they embark on this new chapter of their lives. You've made us proud, seniors! Watch here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B3dZoVsXyw6tIp56VwnyRmp3D4C_23FP/view?usp=sharing
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Seniors 2
Seniors 3
Check out this week's Mora Elementary Newsletter! https://secure.smore.com/n/57uzkt
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What a fantastic day for our second graders! They had a blast stepping back in time during their field trip to the Kanabec County History Center. It was a day full of discovery, as they learned about our local heritage and saw history come to life right before their eyes!
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History 2
History 3
History 4
History 5
Bravo to our talented 5th graders who did a fantastic job on their Wax Museum projects! Each student transformed into a historical figure, bringing the past to life through detailed costumes, engaging presentations, and impressive research.
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Wax Museum
Wax Museum 2
Wax Museum 3
Wax Museum 4
Wax Museum 5
Mora Schools will be closed Monday, May 27th. for Memorial Day. We will resume classes on Tuesday, May 28th.
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Memorial Day
Today was a fantastic day to be a preschooler at Mora Elementary! We celebrated the graduation of our Tuesday/Thursday classes with lots of smiles, cheers, and, of course, tiny caps and gowns. Our little graduates shined bright as they walked to receive their certificates, marking a big step into their bright futures. It was a heartwarming sight to see the joy and pride on the faces of families and teachers alike as they cheered on these young achievers. #BigAchievements
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Preschool Graduation
Preschool Graduation 2
Preschool Graduation 3
Preschool Graduation 4
Today was a wheel-y special day for the students at Mora Elementary as we hosted our "Careers on Wheels" Day! Our campus was buzzing with excitement as various professionals rolled in to showcase their vehicles and share insights about their careers. Big thanks to our incredible guests, including Officer Schulz, Tony Miller, members of the Army Reserve, the fire department, East Center Library, Timber Trails, and many more! Each participant brought their work vehicles, ranging from fire trucks and police cars to mobile libraries and outdoor adventure rigs, providing our students with a hands-on learning experience like no other. The day was filled with exploration and inspiration as students learned about different careers and the vehicles that help these professionals perform their jobs.
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Wheels 2
Wheels 3
wheels 4
Wheels 5
Wheels 6
wheels 7
Wheels 8
What a fantastic day out for our kindergarteners at Ginny Anderson's Farm! Our little explorers had a blast discovering the world of farming up close and personal. They saw mighty tractors in action, learned about the daily lives of ducks, chickens, cows, pigs, and horses, and got a taste of farm life. Each animal had its own story, and our students were all ears, soaking up new facts and experiencing the joys of the great outdoors. It was a day filled with learning, laughter, and lots of animal friends.
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Farm 2
Farm 3
Farm 4
Farm 5
Mrs. Mantel's class embarked on a fantastic field trip to the Mora Public Library, where each student dove into the world of books and learning. They got an up-close look at the library’s offerings through a guided tour, learned about the exciting Summer Reading Program, and each chose a book to take home and cherish. The adventure didn't stop there! After filling their minds with stories and information, the students enjoyed some active playtime at the nearby park. It was the perfect way to end a day full of learning and fun.
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Library 2
Library 3
Library 4
As part of our countdown to summer, Mrs. Thor's 5th graders brought their favorite stuffed animals to school for Stuffie Day! Each student had their cuddly companion join them at their desk, adding a touch of comfort and joy to their day.
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Stuffed Animals
Today was beach day for Ms. Hambly's 1st grade class, and what a blast it was! We started our sandy adventure lounging on beach towels, diving into some great reads under the sun. The fun continued with teamwork-building beach ball challenges that had everyone laughing and collaborating. We then enjoyed some tasty beach snacks to refuel before diving into a creative session where each student crafted their own summer bucket list.
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Beach Day 2
Beach Day 3
Beach Day 4
Beach Day 5
Beach Day 1