3rd Graders received a special delivery today: Crayfish! 3rd graders will be learning about crayfish in science class for the next few weeks. They will learn about crayfish structures, adaptations, what they need to survive, and their habitats. They also learned how to hold them properly, and some 3rd graders were even brave enough to try!
2 months ago, Briana Hallin
Crayfish 2
Crayfish 3
Crayfish 4
MHS Art students participated in the 2022 GRC Art Show at Cathedral HS The following students participated. 601–senior Bri Dudley’s “Unfinished God” acrylic painting 602–senior grader Bri Dudley’s “Rune Skull” ceramic sculpture 603–senior Kian Dudley’s “Two Corpses, We Become the Earth” oil painting 604–senior Jordan Spear’s “Chaos of the Future” charcoal drawing 605–senior Ethan Bong’s “Chaos Helmet” cardboard and plaster sculpture 606–senior Ria Edberg’s “Subconscious” mixed media painting 607–junior Maddie Benner’s “Interdimensional Frog” sculpture–WON 2nd PLACE! 608–junior Aurora Field’s “Groovy Shroomy” sculpture 609–junior Keira Nelson’s “Mind, Body & Soul” color drawing 610–junior Sude Suleymanoglu’s “Save Your Tears” watercolor painting 611–sophomore Shelby Atchinson’s “Skull Candy” sand art 612–sophomore Lola Schwinghamer’s “Trickster” mixed media drawing 613–freshman Allison Briggle’s “John My Beloved” printmaking 614–freshman Allison Briggle’s “Fluttering & Dancing Daffodils Series” printmaking 615–freshman Allison Briggle’s “Be On the Wing” mixed media–WON 1st PLACE! 616–freshman Allison Briggle’s “Little Creepy Crawlers” color drawing 617–junior Wilma Landegren’s “Sourum” (Swedish for “bedroom”) watercolor 618–junior Wilma Landegren’s “Flickrum” (Swedish for girl’s bedroom”) watercolor 619–senior Ben Hansen’s “What Was Old is New Again” ceramic sculpture 620–freshman Peyton Lemke’s “First Thought of the Day” color drawing
2 months ago, Mora Public Schools
group photo of students holding they art entries
Student with a  piece of art work
Student with winning piece of art
Bus Driver Substitutes Student Contact Days and Extracurricular Activities 6:30am to 9:30am and then 1:45pm to 4:00pm Contact Gayle Stassen at gstassen@moraschools.org 320-679-6200 ext 4255
2 months ago, Mora Public Schools
Job description for Sub Bus Driver
A tour of the new Mora High School. Tremendous progress has been made. Exciting times for our Mora schools & community.
2 months ago, Dan Voce
Classroom area - first floor
entrance to the new Mora HS
CTE area of the new Mora HS
Congrats Sage, Skylar, Margo and Ada on representing Mora at the Students of Excellence Banquet.
2 months ago, Brent Nelson
Thank you amazing 5th grade team!
2 months ago, Brent Nelson
Mora Schools welcomes Mr. Norby back to Mora . An awesome day for all!
2 months ago, Dan Voce
Welcome back Mr. Norby
Mora Mustang Welcome
We missed you
Fourth graders are learning about ecosystems and how environmental factors can impact the development of organisms. (Pictured: stages of a mealworm’s life.)
2 months ago, Mora Public Schools
a petri dish with the different stages of a meal worm such as egg, larva, pupa beetle
K-6 Elementary Teacher Posting https://5il.co/18t24
3 months ago, Mora Public Schools
Mustangs Mora, MN
Save the date! Come help us send off the class of 2022.
3 months ago, Grace Kubesh
Senior Parade and Celebration Night
Health Paraprofessional Long Term Sub https://5il.co/18oqu
3 months ago, Mora Public Schools
poster with Health Office, red cross symbol and bandaid
Position Opening at Mora Public Schools. https://5il.co/18ona
3 months ago, Mora Public Schools
Flower made from cute of vegetables. sliced radishes for leaves, sliced cucumbers for petals, tomatoes for the center
Why Mora Public Schools? Opportunities to explore, engage and empower your education. https://5il.co/18mtl
3 months ago, Mora Public Schools
Mora Mustangs Exploring. Engaging. Empowering
Logan Lunde sets school deadlift record! And many lifters lettered in Speed and Strength this year. 💪
3 months ago, Brent Nelson
Welcome to Kindergarten round up at Mora Elementary. Beginning their journey as a Mustang.
3 months ago, Dan Voce
Kindergarten round up.
Class of 2035
kindergarten round up
The MHS Preservation Committee will be holding their second meeting on Monday, May 2nd at 4:30 pm in the high school boardroom. This committee is identifying items with historic value that could be brought to the new high school.
3 months ago, Grace Kubesh
MHS Preservation Committee
It is severe weather preparedness week. Your student may come home talking about tornado drills, fire evacuations and asking questions about what your family plan is for emergency weather. Useful link: https://dps.mn.gov/divisions/hsem/weather-awareness-preparedness/Pages/alerts-warnings.aspx
3 months ago, Mora Public Schools
severe weather awareness with a blue lightning bolt
Three of our MHS nutrition staff receive the Golden Spatula from Head Cook Sue. Well deserved recognition.
3 months ago, Dan Voce
The Golden Spatula Award.
At great day to learn and explore for our young students at Mora Elementary.
3 months ago, Dan Voce
Music class
Art Class
Congratulations to the Mora Mustang Wrestling team for earning Academic State Champions in Class AA. Excellent work in the classroom.
3 months ago, Dan Voce
Mora Wrestling - Academic State Champions