More than a meal application

Please consider filling out an Application for Educational Benefits. While meals are free for all families this school year, the information from these forms has a DIRECT impact on school funding. What this means is that with fewer people completing the form, the school will actually receive less funding in the coming years. This could result in programs offered to students, teachers unable to qualify for grants, staffing reductions, or the district having to make other difficult budget decisions. Please complete the form by October 15th.

Application Form


  1. Your family may qualify to receive benefits through the Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer (P-EBT) program.  This program gives hundreds of dollars to qualifying families (on an ebt card) to spend at the grocery store!
  2.  Your family may qualify for reduced/waived school fees, such as Tech Fee, Field Trip Fees, and others.
  3.  Your student(s) may qualify for free or reduced tuition at some post-secondary schools
  4.  Approved applications help the school qualify for education funds and discounts.
  5.  Families with approved applications receive reduced admissions to the Science Museum, MN Children's Museum and numerous MN Historical Society Exhibits across the entire state of Minnesota.