Truth & Transparency

Topics of General Interest to Our Community

1. Why did Mora Public Schools recently sell a piece of land to the building of the new dollar store?

Mora Schools was approached by Dollar General to purchase approximately 50'x75' in order to square up the other properties they were in the process of purchasing. The piece was not being used and there was no future use identified. The agreed on amount for the parcel was $12,000 with approximately $500 expense to sell. The District netted approximately $11,500. The money is in the General Fund and will be used for facilities.

2. Why are we making budget cuts but still building new tennis courts at the elementary location?

The money for the tennis courts is money from the Trailview Bond election and can only be used for items identified in the voter approved bond question. The money can not be used for operating expenses such as curriculum, salaries, benefits, electricity, snow removal, bus purchase, gabage pick up, etc . Budgets are reviewed annually and adjustments are made. A balanced budget is attempted every year and adjustments are made. Some years we add programs, some years we reduce or eliminate programs.