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Mora has consistently performed above the state average for several years. Want to know more about Mora Public Schools? Go to the Minnesota Department of Education School Report Card. MDE Report Card

screen shot showing MCA reading scores - Mora 61.6  State average is 51.7

bar graph showing MCA Math scores for Mora at 52.8 and state average at 45.5

bar graph showing MCA Science Scores for Mora at 48.5 and state average at 41.3

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Board Members

Dakota Helmbrecht

Dakota Helmbrecht - Board Member



Term Expires - January, 2027

Deb Hallin Board Member

Deb Hallin, Clerk



Term Expires - January, 2025

Matthew Heggernes Board Member

Matthew Heggernes, Vice Chair/Treasurer



Term Expires - January, 2025

Scott Moe Board Member

Scott Moe, Chair



Term Expires - January, 2025

Ken Mattson

Ken Mattson



Term Expires - January, 2027

Amy Schultz

Amy Schultz - Board Member



Term Expires - January, 2027

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School Board

The Mora School Board meets on the 4th Thursday of the month at 6:30 PM in the commons at Mora Elementary School. In November and December, the board meets on the 3rd Thursday

In May of 2020, the voters of the Mora School District approved the sale of general obligation bonds in the amount of $61,900,000 to finance and construct a new high school.  In July of 2020, the District issued general obligation bonds in the amount of $60,160,000 in accordance with State statute limitations, leaving a remaining unused voter-approved bond authority in the amount of $1,740,000.  Since the time the bonds were issued in 2020, State statutes were changed, removing the limits, resulting in the availability of an additional authority of $1.74 million that, in consultation with bond counsel, could be issued to finance the current construction of the new Mora High School.  

The Mora School Board will hold a work session with the District’s Municipal Advisor, Ehlers, to review the change in statute and options to sell the remaining voter approved bonds available as a result of recent changes in State statute.  The work session will be on Monday, August 22 at 5:00 pm at Mora Elementary School Cafeteria.  

Mora Public Schools 2021-22 School Year Calendar

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