Mora Public Schools

At Mora Public Schools, every action is centered around our students, preparing them not just for today but empowering them to excel in a rapidly evolving global landscape. We are committed to fostering self-directed and resourceful learners who will make a positive impact on the world.

We are proud to share the heart and soul of Mora Public Schools—our Mission and Vision Statements that guide our journey in education.

Mission Statement

"Preparing self-directed and resourceful learners able to thrive in a changing global community."

Vision Statement

"An innovative learning environment driving our community forward."

Our vision propels us into the future—an innovative learning environment that serves as a driving force, pushing our community toward greater heights.

Mora Public Schools, where education becomes a beacon for innovation and progress!

District MCA Results

Mora has consistently performed above the state average for several years. Want to know more about Mora Public Schools? Go to the Minnesota Department of Education School Report Card.

screen shot showing MCA reading scores - Mora 61.6  State average is 51.7

bar graph showing MCA Math scores for Mora at 52.8 and state average at 45.5

bar graph showing MCA Science Scores for Mora at 48.5 and state average at 41.3

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