Community Education

Schools Closing/Classes Cancelled

All Community Education classes will be cancelled if school closes early or is cancelled due to inclement weather. 

Current Classes


Science Explorers:

Myth Busting:

Mind-blowing myths or scientific facts? Join Science Explorers as we confirm or bust strange myths and wacky urban legends. We will ask the crazy questions, develop hypotheses, then we may smash it, crash it or launch it to determine if the myth is confirmed, plausible or busted. Note: M&M's (non-peanut variety) and Pop Rocks may be consumed.

Dates: Thursday, November 10, 17, and December 1 ( no class Nov. 24)

Time: 3:10 pm - 4:30 pm

Grades: 1st - 5th

Cost: $43

Location: Room 602 @ MES

Lost in Space

Blast off on an adventure through the universe with Science Explorers! Before we launch, we will experiment gravity, air pressure and rockets. Then, as we are blasting our way through space, we will stop to investigate the planets of our solar and create glowing, slithering space slime to learn what is needed for life to exits on other planets. Experiments, art projects, and much more will be a part of the adventure.

Dates: Thursday, December 8, 15, and 22

Time: 3:10 pm - 4:30 pm

Grade: 2nd - 6th

Cost: $43

Location: Room 602 @ MES

Emergency Room 101

In the Emergency Room, you will become a student doctor as you learn about the human body and basic first aid through plenty of hands on activities. You will explore the respiratory, circulatory and skeletal systems, plus learn the importance of mucus and other gross stuff that your body produces to keep you healthy. Also, you will participate in mock emergency situations, create a basic first aid kit and more when you join us in the emergency room.

Dates: Thursdays, February 9, 16, 23 and March 2, 2023

Time: 3:10 pm - 4:30 pm

Grade: 2nd - 6th

Cost: $57.50

Location: Room 602 @ MES

Extreme Chemistry

Are you ready to get messy with some extreme chemistry experiments? Then Step into the science lab to solve our mystery challenges. You will need to investigate polymers, rates of reaction, chemical indicators and more to help solve the mysteries. Our classes are be sure to dress for a mess.

Dates: Thursday, March 23, 30, April 6 and 13, 2023

Time: 3:10 pm - 4:30 pm

Grade: 2nd - 6th

Cost: $57.50

Location: Room 602 @ MES

Aerospace 101

Join Science Explorers as we accelerate through aerodynamics and rockets with fun and engaging activities. We will investigate the history of flight and the forces that allow objects to fly. Then , we will discover that straws are not just for drinking or blowing bubbles...they can also make great rockets as we design and modify straw rockets to learn about aerodynamics, trajectory and more.

Dates: Thursdays, May 4, 11 and 18, 2023

Time: 3:10 pm - 4:30 pm

Grade: 1st - 6th

Cost: $44.00

Location: Room 602 @ MES


Open Gym

Open Gym

Open gym will be held on Sunday's from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm at the Welia Wellness Center on the following dates:

Cost is $2.00 per person

Students 6th grade and younger need to be accompanied by a paid adult.

October 2, 9, 16, 30

November 6, 13

December 4, 11, 18

January 8, 15, 22, 29

February 5, 12, 19, 26

March 5, 12, 19, 26

April2, 16, 23, 30

May 7, 14, 21

Time: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Adult Learn to Ski Class:

Are you interested in learning how to cross country ski? Are you a beginning to intermediate skier who would like to improve your technique?  Or are you just looking for a good way to deal with winter in Minnesota?  Then this class is for you!  We will teach both classic and skate skiing techniques.  Participants must have their own skiing equipment.  Registration includes Mora Ski Club membership for the season.  Classes will be held regardless of snow conditions.  

Dates, Times and Locations:  

January 8,15, 22:  1:00 p.m at the Nordic Center, 400 N 9th St.

January 28th:  Sunset, Lanternloppet, location TBD

Cost: $20

Must pre-register with Mora Community Ed. in the District Office or ONLINE


Tutu & Toes Fall Dance Classes

Wednesdays September 28 - November 16 at the MES Commons

Performance on Friday November 18th at 6:00 pm in the High School Auditorium
*All prices include a shirt for the show you get to keep!
Register by September 21st! All classes have a minimum of 4 dancers and a maximum of 12 dancers.

Pettite Plie: Learn a short routine, dance Skills and vocab.

Dates: Wednesdays 9/28 - 11/16

Time: 5:15 pm - 5:45 pm

Ages: 3-4 year olds

Cost: $85.00

Terrific Tendu: Jazz and Ballet concepts & routine

Dates: Wednesdays 9/28 - 11/16

Time: 4:40 pm - 5:10 pm

Ages: 5 year old - Kindergarten

Cost: $85.00

Amazing Arabesque: Jazz and Ballet routine

Dates: Wednesdays 9/28 - 11/16

Time: 3:50 pm - 4:30 pm

Grade: 1st & 2nd grade

Cost: $90.00

Pop & Pique: Jazz and Hip Hop routine

Dates: Wednesdays 9/28 - 11/16

Time: 3:10 pm - 3:45 pm

Grade: 3rd & 4th grade

Cost: $90.00

Click Here to register!


Co-Ed Volleyball

$100 per team. Registration is due by September 1st. 

Registration link

Dates: Wednesdays September 14th - November 16th 2022


Contact Lane Schafer with any questions:


Child and Babysitting Safety (CABS) Program:

Monday October 3 2022 - 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

The Child and Babysitting Safety (CABS) program from the American Safety and Health Institute provides everything you need to know for safe and successful babysitting. The YouTube "vlogger" style presentation of the video brings a youthful and high-energy spirit to the program content, and the colorful magazine format of the student book makes learning fun. From getting started with your business, to working with parents and children, to key safety, caregiving, and first aid tips, CABS will help set you up for babysitting success. Students must be present for the entire class and complete the achievement of the core learning objectives to receive certification valid for two years. Students attend this class independently and should come prepared with a notebook and pen.

Instructor:  Ariane Bromberg (

Student class fee: $48
Ages: 11 years and up
Class length: 3 hours

Minimum: 8 students 


home alone class

Home Alone

Monday October 3, 2022 - 12:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Is your child ready for the independence of being home alone? Parents need to be sure their children have the skills and maturity to handle the responsibility safely. Whether it is for an hour after school or several hours a day during the summer, being trusted to be home alone can be a positive experience for a child who is mature and well prepared. This class for children will address several topics relating to being "Home Alone," including age guidelines, safe habits, house rules, after school routines, phone calls and door knocks, dog emergencies, personal safety, handling the unexpected, gun safety, severe weather, fire safety, intruders, and first aid tips. Students attend this class independently and should come prepared with a notebook and pen. Parents are encouraged to review the take-home information and discuss it with their child.

Instructor: Ariane Bromberg (

Student class fee: $27
Ages: 2nd Grade and up
Class length: 2 hours



55 Alive Driving Class

4 hour refresher dates:

September 22, 2022 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

November 7, 2022 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

For registration call: 320-308-1400

Classes will be held in the boardroom at Mora High School.


Pickle Ball

Pickle Ball will be on the following nights at the Mora Elementary School on Court 5, 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Session 1

September 8, 12, 15, 19, 22, 26, 29

October 6, 10, 13, 17, 24, 27, 31

November 3

$3 per session or $39 if paid in full online

Session 2

November 7, 10, 14, 17, 21, 28

December 1, 5, 8, 12, 15, 19, 22

January 5, 9, 12, 16, 19

$3 per session or $45 if paid in full online

Click Here to Register

Tracking Dracula

From the stone-cold crypt beneath St. Michan's Church in Dublin, to the magnificent ruin of Whitby Abbey in England, to the storied castles of Romania once frequented by Vlad Tepes, known by reputations "Vlad the impaler," June Gossler Anderson traces the stories and the influences that led to the creation of Bram Stoker's timeless masterpiece of horror, Dracula.

June is the author of ten publish books; two of them histories with a paranormal twist, along with a fictional multicultural mystery of supernatural proportions. She has traveled on the dark side to five difference Old World countries with her group of paranormal peeps. it is upon her travels to three of them, Ireland, England and Transylvania in Romania, that her hour-long power point presentation, "Tracking Dracula," is based for you to enjoy in the comfort and safety of your armchair.

Date: October 10, 2022

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: Via Zoom


Hauntings and History of the Emerald Isle

Ireland is famous for its "thin places," a membrane or a thin layer between worlds that cross over each other. From pagan times to present, Ireland's dark history has been recorded in its abbeys and churches, forts and castles, jails and graveyards by those who lived during those turbulent times and often perished because of them. Their ghosts are eyewitnesses to this history. Sometimes, they are the history.

June Gossler Anderson has traveled from her hometown of Anoka, Minnesota, the Halloween Capital of the World, where ghosts abound (and she leads Ghost Tours) to Ireland. to check out their ghostly residents as well. In researching these haunted places, she has found the history that produced these earth-bound spirits to be as fascinating as the ghosts themselves.

Date: October 17, 2022

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: Via Zoom


Haunted Anoka

Through the magic of Power Point, your guide will take you on a virtual trip through forgotten Anoka to hear the stories of the people who once lived there and, according to some, are still hanging around. During this hour-long presentation, she will tell you of long ago Anoka-of the Jackson Hotel, now Billy's, the old Post Office, Colonial Hall, the Masonic Lodge, and some infamous residences, all haunted, of course.

June Gossler Anderson was an Anoka County Historical Society Ghost Tour Guide for ten years and has taken part in numerous paranormal investigations. As well as being on familiar terms with the Anoka Ghosts, she has traveled to Ireland, England, and Romania to meet theirs.

Date: October 24, 2022

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: Via Zoom


Minnesota Recipients of the Medal of Honor

When the National Medal of Honor Committee decided to hold its annual convention in Minneapolis/St. Paul on October 3. 2016. it asked the Minnesota Chapters of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) to research and write the biographies of the 72 Minnesota men who have received this prestigious award-their country's highest honor. This was a good fit for the DAR which advocates education, historical preservation, and service to veterans.

June Gossler Anderson was one of the 27 women participating in this project. In addition to writing four of the bios, she took the research a step farther and saw to the editing and publishing of these bios in a 242 page book, Minnesota Medal of Honor Recipients from the Civil War to Vietnam.

During her hour-long power point presentation honoring the heroes, you will meet the 14 year-old orphan who was awarded the Medal of Honor for heroism during a Civil War battle' the Schoolmaster who took his students to war, dooming their hometown to oblivion; the Commander of the USS Arizona who went down with his ship at Pearl Harbor' a Hungarian Freedom Fighter who signed up to fight Commies in Vietnam; and a host of other brave men who fought and died for their Country.

Date: November 11, 2022

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: Via Zoom


Christmas in Krakow

During our hour-long armchair journey to the Old World, we will partake of the wonders of the medieval Market Square alive with Christmas and Santa Claus, and visit the open-air cloth market filled with wondrous gifts. We'll view a 1,100 year-old church that has sunk up to the 2nd floor, and the Church of the Virgin Mary that was the scene of a deadly competition between two brothers as they vied to build the tallest tower. And no visit to Krakow would be complete without a visit to Wawel Castle where we will encounter the fire-breathing statue of Smok, the Polish dragon, that lived in a cave underneath the castle.

As part of our Christmas adventure, we will join a gala VIP event, attend a New Year's Eve concert, and sample the cuisine in one of Krakow's historic restaurants. And throughout our virtual armchair tour of a Krakow Christmas, we will be exploring some of the history and legends that make up the rich tapestry of Polish Culture.

Date: December 12, 2022

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: Via Zoom