More Elementary MCA Proficiency Data

We couldn’t be more proud of the results our students and staff received last spring on the state MCA tests and on our local FAST tests.  While you may hear about the state and many schools going down, that is not the case for Mora Elementary.  We grew significantly last year in reading, math, and science and returned to pre-pandemic MCA results.   

For the complete results, please visit the Minnesota School Report Card.  Click on “My School” and then type Mora Elementary (or whichever school you are looking for) in the search bar where the magnifying glass is located.   We have a talented staff that has worked extremely hard to ensure your child receives the best education possible.  We have great students that have a strong desire to learn and a great community that prioritizes education.  #MustangPride!

MES Reading MCA Data

MES Math MCA Data

MES Science MCA Data